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Deploy PBN from 56+ hosting providers

Different location worldwide

We have server around the world even in exotic location like Kenya, Cambodia, Ghana, Columbia,Thailand, Slovenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan

You can choose location

You are free to choose location to deploy your Private Blog Network. For example, create 10 accounts in Africa region to target SEO for local Africa or 60 accounts in Thailand to targeted local SEO in Thailand. Let's build your set of location based PBN!

Major cloud hosting + server providers around the world

We are best PBN hosting who use major cloud hosting like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Upcloud etc. and blend with other server providers around the world with good mix of ip ownership. This way you will get more diversed hosting profile. Think about having 300 sites and there are only in 10-20 cloud providers? It is not good for your Private Blog Network. We now have 56 cloud providers + hosting/server providers around the world which you can choose to build your Private Blog Network.

No footprint Nameservers

Choose between built-in or Popular DNS provider

In addition to our built-in different nameservers (For each server), you can also use DNS from cloud hosting provider directly (DigitalOcean, Linode, Lunanode, Hetzner, Quadranet, Gcore, Serverspace.io, Atlantic.net, Binarylane etc.). if providers do not have their DNS service, we use popular DNS service providers. In this way, you can completely hide your PBN site from normal hundred of thoudsands website that use the same Popular Nameservers as yours.

Let's build your set of location based PBN

Total 323 Nodes Worldwide

Below are location detail where you can deploy your Private Blog Network using our PBN hosting

USA: 117 nodes

Canada: 22 nodes

UK: 25 nodes

Europe: 88 nodes

Nordic: 7 nodes

Eurasia: 0 nodes

Asia: 38 nodes

Thailand: 1 nodes

Singapore: 18 nodes

Africa: 5 nodes

Latin: 11 nodes

Oceania: 17 nodes

See All location list
Location list
UK, Burntwood x 2 node(s)
USA, Ashburn x 3 node(s)
USA, San Francisco x 6 node(s)
USA, Phoenix x 3 node(s)
USA, Miami x 1 node(s)
USA, Virginia x 2 node(s)
USA, Washington DC x 3 node(s)
USA, Illinois x 1 node(s)
USA, Portland x 2 node(s)
USA, Manhattan x 1 node(s)
UK, Berkshire x 2 node(s)
Latin, Chile, Santiago x 4 node(s)
USA, Elk Grove Village x 1 node(s)
USA, San jose x 2 node(s)
USA, San Diego x 1 node(s)
USA, Denver x 14 node(s)
USA, Dallas x 3 node(s)
USA, Maryland x 1 node(s)
USA, Oregon x 1 node(s)
Canada, Ottawa x 1 node(s)
USA, Jacksonville x 2 node(s)
USA, Missouri x 2 node(s)
Canada, Ontorio x 1 node(s)
Asia, Thailand, Bangkok x 1 node(s)
Europe, Netherlands, Noord-Holland x 1 node(s)
Europe, Romania, Cluj x 1 node(s)
UK, Surrey x 1 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Hessen x 10 node(s)
Europe, Romania, Burcharest x 1 node(s)
USA, Las vegas x 1 node(s)
Europe, Ukraine, Kiav x 1 node(s)
Europe, Spain, Madrid x 2 node(s)
Nordic, Sweden, Stockholm x 2 node(s)
Europe, Netherlands, Dronten x 2 node(s)
UK, Fitzrovia x 1 node(s)
Europe, Cyprus, Nicosia x 1 node(s)
Europe, Netherlands, Amstelveen x 1 node(s)
USA, Los Angeles x 1 node(s)
Europe, Sweden, Stockholm x 1 node(s)
Canada, Prince Edward Island x 2 node(s)
USA, Indiana x 1 node(s)
Europe, Netherlands, Amsterdam x 14 node(s)
USA, Colorado Springs x 1 node(s)
USA, Nanuet x 1 node(s)
Canada, Beauharnois x 1 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Nordrhein x 1 node(s)
Europe, Portugal, Lisbon x 1 node(s)
Europe, Switzerland, Zurich x 1 node(s)
USA, North Bergen x 2 node(s)
USA, Fremont x 1 node(s)
USA, California x 3 node(s)
UK, Maidenhead x 1 node(s)
USA, Matawan x 1 node(s)
USA, Atlanta x 2 node(s)
Europe, Poland, Warsaw x 3 node(s)
USA, Pacific Palisades x 2 node(s)
USA, Charlotte x 1 node(s)
UK, Docklands x 1 node(s)
USA, Hollister x 1 node(s)
Europe, Ireland, Dublin x 2 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Munchen x 1 node(s)
USA, Chicago x 2 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Sydney x 2 node(s)
UK, Coventry x 1 node(s)
Europe, Netherlands, Alblasserdam x 1 node(s)
USA, New York x 3 node(s)
Europe, Netherlands, Tilburg x 1 node(s)
USA, Texas x 2 node(s)
UK, Manchester x 1 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Karlsruhe x 1 node(s)
Europe, Moldova, Chisinau x 1 node(s)
USA, Georgia x 2 node(s)
Nordic, Sweden, Goeteborg x 1 node(s)
UK, Corby x 1 node(s)
Asia, Singapore x 18 node(s)
Europe, Belgium, Brussels x 2 node(s)
UK, Reading x 1 node(s)
Nordic, Denmark, Copenhagen x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Adelaide x 1 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Waldbrunn x 1 node(s)
Europe, Netherlands, Zuid-Holland x 1 node(s)
USA, Tempe x 1 node(s)
Europe, France, Paris x 2 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Frankfurt x 3 node(s)
Nordic, Finland, Helsinki x 1 node(s)
Asia, Japan, Tokyo x 2 node(s)
Canada, Coquitlam x 2 node(s)
Africa, South Africa, Cape Town x 1 node(s)
Nordic, Finland, Espoo x 1 node(s)
Europe, Netherlands, Flevoland x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Surry hills x 1 node(s)
Asia, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh x 1 node(s)
USA, Cecil x 1 node(s)
USA, Plano x 1 node(s)
Europe, Italy, Toscana x 1 node(s)
Latin, Chile, Maule x 1 node(s)
Asia, India, Pune x 1 node(s)
Europe, France, Vitry-sur-Seine x 1 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Bochum x 1 node(s)
Europe, Serbia, Belgrade x 1 node(s)
USA, Secaucus x 1 node(s)
USA, Michigan x 2 node(s)
USA, Piscataway x 1 node(s)
USA, Newark x 1 node(s)
USA, Baltimore x 1 node(s)
USA, Rockhill x 2 node(s)
USA, Florida x 2 node(s)
USA, Orlando x 1 node(s)
USA, Philadelphia x 1 node(s)
USA, Los angeles x 1 node(s)
USA, Scottdale x 1 node(s)
USA, Arizona x 1 node(s)
UK, London x 4 node(s)
Africa, South Africa, Johannesburg x 1 node(s)
USA, Cedar Knolls x 1 node(s)
Canada, Hamilton x 1 node(s)
Oceania, New Zealand, Auckland x 1 node(s)
USA, Pennsylvania x 2 node(s)
USA, Lenoir x 2 node(s)
USA, Weehawken x 1 node(s)
USA, West Virginia x 1 node(s)
USA, Sanjose x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Alexandria x 1 node(s)
Asia, Viet Nam, Hanoi x 1 node(s)
Asia, Israel, Tel aviv x 1 node(s)
Canada, Montreal x 3 node(s)
USA, Delaware x 2 node(s)
USA, Ashville x 1 node(s)
Latin, Mexico, Mexico City x 1 node(s)
Asia, Bahrain, Manama x 1 node(s)
Asia, South Korea, Seoul x 1 node(s)
UK, Enfield x 1 node(s)
Europe, North Macedonia, Skopje x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Brisbane x 1 node(s)
Europe, Bulgaria, Sofia x 1 node(s)
Asia, India, New Delhi x 1 node(s)
Latin, Honduras, Francisco Morazan x 1 node(s)
Latin, Ecuador, Quito x 1 node(s)
UK, Maidstone x 1 node(s)
UK, New Castle x 1 node(s)
USA, Clifton x 1 node(s)
USA, Saint Louis x 6 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Mecklenburg-vorpommern x 1 node(s)
USA, Buffalo x 2 node(s)
Asia, Hongkong x 1 node(s)
Latin, Costa Rica, San jose x 1 node(s)
UK, Kent x 1 node(s)
Canada, Richmond x 1 node(s)
Canada, British Columbia x 4 node(s)
Asia, India, Bombay x 1 node(s)
Asia, Nepal, Kathmandu x 1 node(s)
Europe, Croatia, Zagreb x 1 node(s)
Asia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai x 1 node(s)
UK, Rainham x 1 node(s)
UK, Shoreditch x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, New South Wales x 1 node(s)
UK, Powergate x 1 node(s)
Canada, Vancouver x 2 node(s)
Latin, Honduras, Tegucigalpa x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Queensland x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Cairns x 1 node(s)
Asia, Kazakhstan, Almaty x 1 node(s)
Latin, Argentina, Buenos Aires x 1 node(s)
Africa, Egypt, Al Qahirah x 1 node(s)
Africa, Tunisia, Tunis x 1 node(s)
USA, Bristow x 1 node(s)
USA, South Bend x 1 node(s)
USA, Seattle x 1 node(s)
Europe, Lithuania, Vilnius x 2 node(s)
Asia, India, Bangalore x 2 node(s)
Asia, Taiwan, Taipei x 1 node(s)
Asia, Hongkong x 1 node(s)
Asia, Japan, Osaka x 1 node(s)
Canada, Port Coquitlam x 4 node(s)
Europe, Germany, Sachsen x 1 node(s)
Europe, Czechia, Prague x 1 node(s)
Europe, France, Ile-de-France x 1 node(s)
Europe, France, Gravelines x 1 node(s)
Europe, France, Strasbourg x 2 node(s)
Africa, South Africa, Gautang x 1 node(s)
Europe, Turkey, Istanbul x 1 node(s)
Nordic, Finland, Uusimaa x 1 node(s)
Europe, Luxembourg, Bissen x 1 node(s)
Europe, Lithuania, Siauliai x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Perth x 1 node(s)
Oceania, Australia, Darling Harbour x 6 node(s)
Europe, Russia, Moscow x 4 node(s)
UK, Slough x 2 node(s)

The new PBN hosting platform

Create account - manage account - install CMS - fix CMS error in one place

Full control of your PBN Sites

Each of account, you will get control panel access which you can manage your website. File manager/FTP/phpMyAdmin etc. Just like normal cPanel hosting account.

Control panel access

Just like cPanel, you can access to file manager and phpMyAdmin to edit your files/themes files and databases.

No plugins restriction

You can install any wordpress plugins. We have no restrictions on that. So feel free to install as much as you need

Free SSL certificates

You can install SSL certificates free of charges by just one click. It's your control to make your website more secure.

We support all type of CMS

You can install anything you like. We are just like normal cPanel shared hosting with multiple location and no footprints.

100% free migration from any provider

Just order, create account and send us your website detail.

Free migration

Place Order

Start by place order at Order


Create hosting account

Login to your account and create hosting which you plan to migrate domain to.


Send your website detail

Send your old login detail as well as your domain list to be migrated.


Sit back and relax

We will add domain, add database, upload your file, import your database and config everything if needed. You only just wait and change nameserver after all domain migrated.


Need to see in action?

We will give you an account that you can create 5 accounts and get 5 ip addresses from any location worldwide.

14 Years in PBN hosting and counting

Server locations worldwide


Different Class A ips


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Write out to our customer support team.

Let's say you have your site which is in Asia market and you want to target visitor in Asia. It is very much better that your pbn are located across Asia server. Our hosting profile is mixed between major cloud hosting as well as local server provider. Now we are the provider that have the most different location than any others.

It's a straight word, you can choose location for your domain. When you creating your account, there will be the plenty of location around the world that you can choose from. We do not random it or choose it for you. So your pbn won't be end up in the bunch of same physical location.

Yes, you can. We have the free account that you can create website in 5 locations/ips. This is not a free-trial like 7 days/30days free-trial. This is completely free as long as you need it. No credit card or any payment required. Click to Get free 5ip

Yes, you can do it at anytime inside our backend.

Each of account/domain will have 2G disk space and 10G bandwidth which is plenty enough for pbn/blog site.

Yes, we do. Just order and let us know your website detail. We will do the rest for you.

Yes, we use let's encrypted and you can click to install SSL for your domain in just 1-click.

No worry about your data. We have offsite backup to ensure that your data still remain. Incase of server inaccessible issue, we can migrate your data to other provider by using this offsite backup.

No, we cannot setup custom plan due to our backend design. However, we will try best possible to suite your needs.

Yes, we do have. You can see our help section

Once you ordered and paid for services, you can login to our backend and start the first step by creating account in location you need. After that, you can start install domain in that account. That's it!

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