Getting started

You can start install your website by only 2-steps.

  • Create hosting account
  • Install your domain to hosting account which you created in the first step

Create hosting account

Once you login to your account you will see this page

Click More > Manage account on the service that you ordered. You will the list account page.

Click + Add more account to start create your first account.

Select location that you need and click “continue”. You can select multiple locations to create accounts at once.

Select Nameserver Type. Default Nameserver is the our nameserver which is different for each server’s ip and External Nameserver is nameserver from server provider or well-known DNS provider.

Then, enter username that you need to use on each accounts and click “Create these accounts”

Wait for the system to create your account one by one.

Now, navigate back to list account page again, you will see the detail of accounts you created.

Install Domain

On list account page, located to the account you need to install your domain to, and click “more > install domain to this account”

Select CMS you need and enter your domain, admin username, admin password, email that you need to use for this domain. Then, click “install”

Wait until the process complete. Then, change nameserver of your domain and start using your website.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us using “Get support” menu in the top of page.