Multiple Location, totally seperated server is our secret

Why your private blog network get de-indexed? Because you use SEO Hosting that has footprint. [See which type of SEO hosting that has footprint] You all know the powerful of link network, It's easy to get rank with your owned private network. Moreover, you can manage your SEO plan easier with your owned asset, blog network. So you still need it! [see benefit of link network]

Many of seo specialist leave some idea "Using multiple hosting provider, so it completely separated identity" It's good idea, but what you think if you have 100 websites with 100 hosting provider. You have to pay to those hosting provider 100 times each month. It's hard to manage.

Do not desperate about having blog network. MultipleCloud combine everything in one place. You will have link network that has not leave any footprint, undetectable while it's still easy to manage. MultipleCloud is multiple location seo hosting provider who provide ip address in worldwide location, all continent and separated machine for every IP address.

cloudAccount - Manage All website in one place

We know you are worrying. A lot of website in different server/location, it's very hard to manage all of them easily. We know it! and this is reason why we developed cloudAccount, the centralized management system that allow you manage all of your website in one place. It can makes your life easier.

What do you see in cloudAccount?

  • You can see location of each ip address
  • You can login to every account from here
  • You can see total usage of disk space and bandwidth
  • You can see your domain that added to each account. (Our client often forgot where their domains are ^^)

cloudRobot - The auto CMS installer

If you need to install 100 websites with wordpress. You have to go to each cPanel account, add domain, create database, upload file, and install it. You have to repeat 100 times for 100 websites. Some provider have more convinient way, you can use Softaculous or Fantastico for auto installer. However, you still have to repeat it 100 times!

Is it possible to submit only one form and install all 100 websites automatically? - This is not question because it already possible with MultipleCloud!! By our cloudRobot system.

7 Days Money back guarantee with no risk

Turbo your SEO result with #1 multiple location seo hosting! Most unique class "A" IP range from worldwide location, all continent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Jessica, Evan and Lucas - our sales team

David, who is interesting in SEO hosting, has come to our website and discussed with us via livechat.

David (client) :
Hello, guys. I heard about SEO hosting can help ranking in search engine. Can you explain how?
Jessica (sales) :
Yes, sure.
Jessica (sales) :
First of all, if you go with general seo hosting that based on class c ip in same server. I believe it's not worth now. Because, it's easy to detect that your blog network are the same owner.
Evans (sales) :
The concept of seo hosting is hide your website identity, tell search engine that owner of website are different. Sure you have different Class-C IPs for every site, but they are all still on the same server and same ip owner/block. If you interest, see this link for more info [link]
David (client) :
Hmm, however, MultipleCloud still offers seo hosting plan while you said it's not worth?
Jessica (sales) :
Our SEO hosting plan is different. We offer true multiple location (worldwide, all continent). This new way brings your website identity completely unrelated.
David (client) :
Why I need every website identity completely unrelated?
Lucas (sales) :
Good question :) Off page optimization is linking from one website to your targeted website. If 100 links are from only one identity, for example, same domain/hosting, your 100 links will be counted only 1 link by search engine. So this is why your website must have different identity, all 100 links will be counted as 100 links because all link come from various location, various domain, various identity.
David (client) :
Oh, I got it now! Could I see MultipleCloud server location in detail?
Evans (sales) :
Yes, please go to [link]
David (client) :
100+ locations out there in all continent, Very interesting! I am exciting to start now. How can I start?
Jessica (sales) :
You can check our seo hosting plan page here [link]. Select how many ip do you need, select package, review resource and place order. After payment was made, we will setup your seo hosting account asap.
David (client) :
Do each ip have seperated name server?
Jessica (sales) :
Yes, they will come with different name server for each ip.
David (client) :
Can I also have custom plan to fit my need?
Jessica (sales) :
Absolutely yes, just contact
David (client) :
Can I upgrade plan to have more resource or more ip later?
Lucas (sales) :
Yes, you can. Upgrade is seamless and do not interrupt your existing account. just contact
David (client) :
Good! I also have 3 blogs that hosted on other hosting company. Do you help me to migrate website to MultipleCloud?
Evans (sales) :
We will do migration for free with any control panel. See detail here [link]
David (client) :
Ok, it's very convenient but I have some more question.
Jessica (sales) :
Feel free to ask :)
David (client) :
If I order 100ip starter package, I have to install cms on each website, 100 times I have to do. It's time consuming which can take 2-3 days to complete.
Lucas (sales) :
Do not worry about that. We have auto cms installer, cloudRobot. You just submit form and let our system install al of 100 websites for you. Check for further detail [link]
David (client) :
I just see the detail link, that's very cool!! I still confuse about class of IP. How can I check if IP is class "A"?
Evans (sales) :
I will explain by example. 111.222.333.444 and 112.222.333.444 we will call these 2 IPs are different Class A IP addresses because the first octet is different (111 and 112)
David (client) :
My last question before order :) Do MultipleCloud backup client data?
Jessica (sales) :
Yes, we backup all of client data to our offsite-backup server.
David (client) :
Thank you for information. I am exciting to start with MultipleCloud now!
Jessica (sales) :
You're very welcome. Just let us know if you need further help.

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