My website was suspended

When you reach to your website and see your website page show it as suspended. It’s because your website is over resource usage (Bandwidth/Disk space/CPU abuse) or Overdue payment.


Please contact us for further detail as soon as possible for get re-activate again.

Note: If your website was suspended due to bandwidth or disk space quota exceed, we usually increase your limit with no cost due to minimum bandwidth/disk space policy. Please follow below instruction to get your website re-activate again.

1. Get into cloudaccount. First time usage, please follow below link for instruction.

2. Scroll-down to your account detail and you will see suspended account indicate with red-color. Then click on Suspend text.


If your account was suspended due to bandwidth or disk space quota exceed, it will be unsuspended automatically. (Please allow up to 1 hour to review). Otherwise, we have to review your account and manually unsuspend your account.

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