Initial setup guide for wordpress

There are several things you should done before using wordpress site including change title, description, set permalink, close comment etc. Here are guide for setting.

1. Change title, description for wordpress site – This is important to define your website name, search engine will get your website name once they come o=to your website, then recognize what is your website talking about.

  • login to wordpress admin
  • Go to Setting > General
  • Change Site Title field and Tagline to what you need and then save

2. Close comment – Spammer will spam your website and make your website look spammy by comment spam. If you do not close comment for each post, ton of spam comment will come to your site and consuming too much bandwidth and disk space that may lead your hosting provider suspend your website. To close comment, please follow this instruction How to close comment in wordpress

3. Set xmlrpc – xmlrpc is required when you need to post article remotely. To open this function, Go to Setting > writing and then check “XML-RPC”

4. Set permalink – Permalink is link structure of your wordpress website. You can change it to what you want. For example, /%postname% mean your link structure will be like To change this please go to Setting > Permalinks

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