Initial setup guide for smf webboard

SMF is most popular webboard script in this time. It comes with a ton of feature that you can optimize easily. Here below is some basic guide to optimize before using.

1. Change Title of webboard

  • Login as administrator
  • Navigate to Configuration > Server setting > General
  • Change Forum title to your desire name.

2. Disable registration – You should disable registration to prevent spammer posting a bunch of topic to your website, making your website look spammy to search engine and then waste of bandwidth/disk space that may lead to suspend by hosting provider. Go to Members > Registration> Setting and choose “Registration Disabled” in drop-down list.

3. Change Database and website encoding to UTF-8 – utf-8 encoding is required if you want to post topic in some language eg., thai, japanese, chinese. To set this, go to Maintenance > Forum Maintenance > Database. Then scroll down to section “Convert HTML-entities to UTF-8 characters” and click “Run task now”

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