Initial setup guide for pligg

There are several setting that should be done for pligg CMS before using to submit content. Main menu to setting all variable in plgg website is under “Configure” Tab

1. Delete register.php file – Pligg is most target of spammer for link juice auto post script. You will be attack by thousand of post in an hours. However, pligg CMS is not have option for disable new registration. So delete register.php file to prevent spammer to register is the best option.

2. Allow some html tag for submit content – If you need to insert link (a href) in to content, you should allow some tag in setting option first. Go to Configure tab > Submit and then enter several tag you want to allow in topic “HTML to allow to normal users”

3. Setting vote to publish for make your article automatically publish – Generally, once you submitted content to pligg website, it will queue for admin to review. If you want this automatically publish. You should set vote to publish to 1 by go to Configure tab > Voting and then set “Vote to Publish” to 1

4. Change website title – Title of each website can be change on your own name by go to Language tab and change “Pligg_visual_name” Field. You can also change some other field by this menu.

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