Find aged domain for use in private blog network

SEO hosting can help in search engine ranking by creating website for each and then link back to your main website. We have ran some comparitive test between new registered domain and aged domain which using in our SEO hosting packages. We have setup targeted website for test with almost identical website (Only one different is domain name) and then compare SEO result with same environmental. The result is much different, aged domain can produce better result in ranking. So now, we would like to suggest our client about “how to find aged domain for using in our SEO hosting packages with lowest cost”

Fortunately, provide very good tool for finding delete domain which you can pick it for register at the same cost for new registeration.

1. Go to domain nabber. (You should have account with them first)

2. Choose your TLD (typically, .com).

3. Choose “all” Drop date for getting more result.

4. Other filter option, you can choose it on your own preference.

5. Enter keyword and press search button.

6. Result is domain which already delete (no renew from previous owner). The result can be sorted in each column.

7. For convenience, you can sort for “days registered” High to low (High mean more aged).

8. Refine result by choosing only regular domain not backorder.

9. Pick each domain and then searching if it has index in Google, PR, backlink.

10. Now, you can get domain for register in any registrar with new registeration cost (No further cost require).

Please enjoy and get most value domain at lowest cost. We are sure you do not know this technique before as this is unique technique which only use by our team.

Thank you for reading! We hope to serve you soon.

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