Fighting wordpress spam comment

Are you annoying about wordpress comment spammer who are greedy about spamming link. In this post, we will guide you 3 steps to completely get rid of comment spammer.

Step1: Delete all previous comment
Just login to cloudPanel and go ahead to phpMyAdmin. Navigate to your database and then wp_comments table. We are sure you will shocking about 100,000+ comment stored in your database. Click empty button at once and all comment will be deleted!

Step2: Setting comment option to “closed” for existing post
Stay in phpMyAdmin from step1 but navigate to wp_posts table and run this SQL query

UPDATE wp_posts SET comment_status = ‘closed’

Step3: Disable user to comment for prevent further spamming
In this step, login to your wordpress admin page and navigate to Settings > Discussion. You will see a lot of option there. Follow the setting below to be sure about comment are closed in the future.


Now, comment spammer will be dead and you are safe from further spammer. Do not waste bandwidth/disk space resources for spammer!

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