Create automated payment with Paypal subscriptions

Once you order our service, you have to make Paypal subscriptions by default. Paypal subscriptions is very useful. It is convenience way to pay your invoice automatically every month.

For Create automated payment with Paypal subscriptions, go to your invoice and click “Paypal subscribe” button and payment will be done automatically every month.

IMPORTANT: If the billing cycle amount changes (due to upgrading/downgrading your VPS hosting account) or your payment cycle (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) changes you will have to cancel the subscription from your PayPal account and set up a new one on the next issues invoice. Both actions are described in detail above.

Why you need to change subscription amount, Let us describe with example. Assume your current package is 40IP starter and your current paypal subscription is $78 each month. So each month Payment will be made automatically for $78 amount. Then you have upgrade to 50IP starter with $97.5. If you do not change subscription amount, payment will be sent to us only $78 and your invoice (Which is $97.5) will never mark as PAID. For this case, you just cancel current $78 subscription amount and create new one for $97.5

If you have any question, feel to ask us at anytime!

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