Clear your account data by cloudRobot

MultipleCloud has developed auto robot named cloudRobot. This system let you install cms, change domain, clear account data by only submitting form and let cloudRobot do the task for you.

If you need to clear your account data, file and database. Please follow below instruction and note that all of account submitted cannot restore, data will be wiped to fresh/blank account.

1. Get into cloudaccount. First time usage, please follow below link for instruction.

2. Select account you wish to clear account and then select “clear account” in dropdown then click “send to cloudRobot” button.


3. Review your information before submit and click “Confirm” Button.


4. Once task was submitted, email confirmation will be sent to you. Please check your email (also in junk) and click confirmation link to allow cloudRobot run your task.


Please allow up to 24 hours to complete your task due to how many task in queue (Generally faster).

If you have any question, feel to ask us at anytime!

Arthur Nehemiah

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Arthur Nehemiah is code developer who specialize in php. Coding is his life. Our unique system, cloudAccount, cloudRobot and several system were developed by Arthur Nehemiah. He always make MultipleCloud system easier to use.