200ip are now available!!, worldwide location >> SEE DETAIL <<

Dear Value clients,

First of all, we must say thank you to all of our client who choosing us as your hosting provider. We are happy to serve our service at best possible. Since 2010 to 2014, we have many thing improve and continue to add capacity to serve our client.

Due to high demand of our unique product and ip are sold very fast! So we decide to add our capacity to serve clients demand. Now, we just finished increase number of ip to 200ip. This will bring us to the first multiple location seo hosting who can provide 100+ different A class and maybe only provider that can provide much location and ip diversification. (Forgot about consecutive class C ip, like, We always deliver you the most ip diversification.

For your information about ip diversification in detail
- Now we have 80 different Class A/B in USA
- Now we have 10 different Class A in Canada
- Now we have 20 different Class A in UK
- Now we have 50 different Class A/B in Europe
- Now we have 20 different Class A in Asia
- We plan to have 10 different Class A in Oceania in near future
- We plan to have 10 different Class A in Latin America in near future
- We plan to have 5 different Class A/B in Africa in near future

Price level will stay the same as low as $1.95/ip for starter plan (1 domain per ip) and $3.95/ip for unlimited domain plan.

If you interest to increase your IP address/hosting, See instruction for upgrade here


If you have any question, do not hesitate to let us know by submit ticket or send message to online chat. There are support staff stand by to assist you.

If any question, just let us know. We are more than happy to assist you!

Thank you for choosing us as your hosting provider.

Kind regards,

Jessica Naomi

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